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Guangzhou International freight forwarder provide China to Singapore shipping door-to-door service
Singapore Maritime Services as follow:
Step 1:Customers need to place an order online or make a telephone booking to our salesman. And ask he or  her to determine whether the goods can be transported. And the our salesman will give you a shipping mark.You only need to ship the goods to our warehouse and provide the consignee information and the packing list to us.
Step 2: Determine the quantity and value of the goods (value relates to Singapore 7% GST consumption tax)
Step 3:Our warehouse colleague will confirm the size and weight of the goods, and then come to the total cost to you.
Step 4:After loading the goods, our company provides the loading photo to the customer, the customer will pay the shipping fee.
Step 5:Our company will arrange all the formalities (export, customs clearance and customs clearance in Singapore and so on.)
Step 6:After the goods arrive in the port,our company has an island-wide delivery service in Singapore (in the case of elevators, it can be delivered upstairs).Delivery staff will promptly provide a  delivery note to the consignee to determine the accuracy of goods.Confirmed it, customers can sign for the goods.
Our services mainly include:
1;Air & Sea & express Freight
2;Bonded Warehousing
3;Customs Brokerage
5;CFS & CY Management
6;Bulk cargo
7;Ex-works (DDU & DDP) service
8;Door to Door service
9;Inland transportation
We would like to be one of your good choices here.Welcome to call us for more details of the shipment.
24-Hour Service Hotline:
Attn: Queenie
Cell Phone: +86 13760936065
QQ: 876303801
WeChat: kad1314xxx
WhatsApp: +86 13760936065


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